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Happy Talk Trust runs DYSCO Dyslexia training

The Trusts I’ve got your 6 approach supports youths (rangatahi) through transitional phases of their lives from toddler through to adult hood.

The Dyslexia 8’s too late approach Empowers Teachers to identify (dyslexia) Wizz-Kids in year 1-3 Primary Schools & parents to unlock their children’s ability from birth.

200+ adults trained ~ Benefitting 3,000 children (estimated)

Let me introduce myself, I’m Andria Studman and
I believe EVERYBODY has the right to Live, Learn and Succeed in Life

Andria Studman – Education Consultant
Sandra 0800 Happy T (0800 427798)

My dream is to teach Play Centres, Kohanga Reo, ECC’s, parents and other educators of under 8’s how to routinely identify dyslexia & unlock children’s ability to read write and calculate. Andria Studman

Are you frustrated with learning at school?

8’s Too Late!

10% of children and 90% of prisoners suffer dyslexia & other dys-orders

We empower…

Teachers to Teach
Leaders to Lead
Tamariki to Achieve
Whãnau to succeed

I’ve Got Your 6

60% of entrepreneurs & 40% of self-made millionaires benefit from having dyslexia & other dys-orders

We support people to reduce anxiety and raise self-esteem. 

Empowering them to…

Focus in class, Sit exams & Keep jobs.

Dyslexia – The 6 Dys-orders (6Ds/6 Dys’s)

Dyslexia: Orthographic, Visual, Phonemic:  The battle to read, process and comprehend text (mental)

Dysphasia: The battle to comprehend and react or reply/speak appropriately (mental + physical)

Dyscalculia: The battle to comprehend and
calculate arithmetic
(mental + mental)

Dysnomia: The battle to remember and
recall words to speak
(mental + physical)

Dysgraphia: The battle to align thoughts & muscle movement to write, type & spell (mental + physical)

Dyspraxia: The battle to plan and co-ordinate
movement with thinking
(physical + mental)

DYSCO Training has also worked for people with other dys-orders such as: ADD, ADHD (Attention Deficit) ASD (Autism) ODD (Oppositional Defiance) FASD FDSD (Foetal Alcohol & Drugs)

Answers with Andria ~ Korero with Kingi

Andria Studman ~ MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator

Kingi Biddle – International Toastmaster

Dyslexia in New Zealand – Facts

What we know…

The DYSCO Difference

Email: info@happytalk.nz
Phone: 0800 HappyT
0800 427798

You achieve success in a variety of ways:

“Reduces anxiety & overcomes barriers” G.P.

“Improves job opportunities” Careers consultant

“My son asked to read to me! I knew he was starting to heal from his scars from school” (Mum of 19-year-old) Tina Mischewski

12 year old researches, budgets and builds his first gaming computer for scratch – Proud parents prefer the practical outcomes of DYSCO Training – Christine Fitzgerald

“Simple and easily understood for people with dyslexia.” Mum – Anna May (8-year-old twice exceptional / gifted)

9-year-old gets a solution to his visual dyslexia “It will stop me being bullied at school.” DYSCO made $1, felt like we won lotto! – Soundshell Market Rotorua 29.12.19

64-year-old learns to read. “Proves you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

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Day 1: Child read a few words that she knew.
Day 2: Child read 2-3 pages with me.
Day 3: Child said to me, “Whaea, I will read it by myself.” And she did.
Comprehension of the story by using this strategy is fantastic!

Karina Hope – Teaching Assistant – Western Heights Primary School

60% children improved in 24 hours
In 5 days: 90% improved & 1 child 3 years below to 2 years above standard.

Jackie Meha – Teaching principal – Lake Rotoma School.

“Hands on & ready to go!
Helps disengaged students.”
Natalie Jeeves – SENCo – Kaitao Intermediate

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