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Dyslexia – The 6 Dys-orders (6Ds/6 Dys’s)

Dyslexia: Orthographic, Visual, Phonemic:  The battle to read, process and comprehend text (mental)

Dysphasia: The battle to comprehend and react or reply/speak appropriately (mental + physical)

Dyscalculia: The battle to comprehend and
calculate arithmetic
(mental + mental)

Dysnomia: The battle to remember and
recall words to speak
(mental + physical)

Dysgraphia: The battle to align thoughts & muscle movement to write, type & spell (mental + physical)

Dyspraxia: The battle to plan and co-ordinate
movement with thinking
(physical + mental)

Dyslexia in New Zealand

Described as an “inspirational speaker” by awarded principal Pem Bird, Andria’s skills and experience include:
• Conference speaking – three Ngā Kura a Iwi o Aotearoa
• Teaching – MoE accredited PLD facilitator
• Parenting – Foster parent to 8 children

Working with students, teachers, professionals, parents, family and whānau in kura and schools in both rural and urban locations, Andria has spent the last 7 years actively researching and working in New Zealand.

Out of this, Andria has invented creative, innovative tips and tools to suit Kiwi kids and whānau. These empower people to harness their own gifts to effectively ‘find their own way in life’.

Andria owes her colossal success to the fact she has most of the dys-orders she talks about, and is keen to share these solutions that shape dys-orders into a gift, not a disadvantage.

“I believe EVERYBODY has the right to learn and to succeed in life.”
Andria Studman

Andria Studman – Education Consultant
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My dream is to teach Play Centres, Kohanga Reo, ECC’s and educators of under 8’s how to routinely identify dyslexia & unlock children’s ability to read write and calculate. Andria Studman

Why DYSCO? Our Mission…

200+ adults trained – Benefitting 3,000 children (estimate)

What we know…

The DYSCO Difference

Introducing Happy Talk Trust

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You achieve success in a variety of ways:

“Reduces anxiety & overcomes barriers” G.P.

“Improves job opportunities” Careers consultant

“My son asked to read to me! I knew he was starting to heal from his scars from school” (Mum of 19-year-old) Tina Mischewski

12 year old researches, budgets and builds his first gaming computer for scratch – Proud parents prefer the practical outcomes of DYSCO Training – Christine Fitzgerald

“Simple and easily understood for people with dyslexia.” Mum – Anna May (8-year-old twice exceptional / gifted)

9-year-old gets a solution to his visual dyslexia “It will stop me being bullied at school.” DYSCO made $1, felt like we won lotto! – Soundshell Market Rotorua 29.12.19

64-year-old learns to read. “Proves you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

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Day 1: Child read a few words that she knew.
Day 2: Child read 2-3 pages with me.
Day 3: Child said to me, “Whaea, I will read it by myself.” And she did.
Comprehension of the story by using this strategy is fantastic!

Karina Hope – Teaching Assistant – Western Heights Primary School

60% children improved in 24 hours
In 5 days: 90% improved & 1 child 3 years below to 2 years above standard.

Jackie Meha – Teaching principal – Lake Rotoma School.

“Hands on & ready to go!
Helps disengaged students.”
Natalie Jeeves – SENCo – Kaitao Intermediate

DYSCO Training has also worked for people with other dys-orders such as: ADD, ADHD (Attention Deficit) ASD (Autism) ODD (Oppositional Defiance) FASD FDSD (Foetal Alcohol & Drugs)

The results of living with dyslexia… self harm and suicide… hear the word of a parent who has seen our results.

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