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What the terms mean

Dyslexia: Orthographic, Visual, Phonemic:  The battle to read, process and comprehend text (mental)

Dysphasia: The battle to comprehend and react or reply/speak appropriately (mental + physical)

You may see…
Children: Usually put in remedial reading groups (Mainly because they don’t have strategies for dysphasia)
Adults: Often do not fully understand what they sign their names to e.g. about their health & possessions.

Dyscalculia: The battle to comprehend and calculate arithmetic
(mental + mental)

Dysnomia: The battle to remember and
recall words to speak
(mental + physical)

You may see…
Children: Usually don’t learn and understand basic number facts such as numbers that make 10 & times tables.
Adults: Often cannot budget for necessities such as clothes, food and shelter e.g. 80% of prison inmates,

Dysgraphia: The battle to align thoughts & muscle movement to write, type & spell (mental + physical)

Dyspraxia: The battle to plan and co-ordinate movement with thinking
(physical + mental)

You may see…
Children: Usually miss-spell simple words and many struggle with computers and on-line learning.
Adults: Often cannot fill in forms for supplies & services e.g. Drivers licence, WINZ support.

200+ Adults Trained ~ Benefitting (est) 3,000 Children

Let me introduce myself, I’m Andria Studman and
I believe EVERYBODY has the right to Live, Learn and Succeed in Life

My dream is to empower Play Centres, Kohanga Reo, ECC’s, parents and other educators of under 8’s how to routinely identify dyslexia & unlock children’s ability to read write and calculate. Andria Studman
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Andria Studman – Founder & MoE accredited PLD facilitator
E: andria@dysco.nz
Office: 0800 Happy T (0800 427798)

DYSCO Training has also worked for people with other dys-orders such as:

ADD, ADHD (Attention Deficit)
ASD (Autism)
ODD (Oppositional Defiance)
FASD FDSD (Foetal Alcohol & Drugs)

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