Andria Studman
Education Consultant (Rotorua/NZ Wide)
Ministry of Education Accredited Training Provider


  • BA Hons. Degree (Education)
  • Registered teacher with the Education Council of Aotearoa, NZ (Exp 4.5.2022)
  • Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) Qualified to teach in England, UK
  • Further & Adult Education Teacher Cert, UK
  • HND Electro-mechanical B-Tec Engineering
New Zealand Prison Inmates:
90% dyslexia & dysgraphia & 80% dyscalculia

Since my 5th birthday, suicide has always been the easier, softer option for me.

My root cause – my dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia etc.

Today, I’m a highly qualified electro-mechanical engineer, an outstanding teacher both UK and NZ, a home and dog owner and a Ministry of Education accredited PLD Facilitator i.e. I can teach teachers.
Basically I live a normal, productive life.

When I was at school, I developed practical ways to change my dys-orders from a disgrace to a gift.

  • First I taught them to some of my classmates, and they worked.
  • As a teacher, I used them with my students and they worked.
  • I used them with my foster kids, and they worked.

My aim remains the same today… To empower people like me to be able to:
1. understand what we are signing
2. fill out forms
3. budget to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table.

The effect these dys-orders have are far reaching and are perhaps epitomised in our prison statistics where 90% are not functionally literate (dyslexia) or numerate (dyscalculia).

In our schools, 15-30% of students in urban schools are struggling with dys-orders and 60% in rural settings and kura.

Dyslexia, dysgraphia & dyscalculia is not conquered by concentrating on reading and writing. 

The DYSCO approach focuses on the root cause of left and right-hand brain processing.

For example when people with dyslexia read, we turn letters in words round to read them… i.e. a ‘u’ could be a ‘c’ or it could be an ‘n’.

That’s why we have to work 6-10 times harder than our peers…

Today, DYSCO gives hands-on ready to go solutions to overcome barriers to learning to read, write & calculate.

To employers – if you want someone who routinely works 6-10 times harder than everyone else, your best bet is to employ someone like me who has dyslexia and other dys-orders… because even on our ‘slack days’ we generally work harder than most! AND we get usually get better results than most.

Special thanks To Pembrooke ‘Pem’ Bird – kura principal, past co-Chairman Ngā Kura a Iwi. My first advocate, who encouraged me to follow my calling and start DYSCO. After he invited me to join his tribe of course!