Testimonial from a proud mum

Following my passions… my plan for 2024 at kura…

9D Assessment and Report

Highly Intelligent Family… Report included recommendations and resources to start immediately.

Face to Face in Hamilton, takes about 2 hours

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Coming soon DYSCO DAD training for parents & teachers:

What is your latest achievement?

Numeracy Corequisite (NCEA Level 1)

4×4) I took 4, year 9/10 neurodiverse students (ASD, ODD) for 4 weeks:
Mock exam results:
* Week 0) 15% – 45% correct
* Week 4) 70% – 95% correct

After sitting their Corequisite Numeracy exam on Wednesday (1.11.23), they all confidently said “I smashed it”. One said “it was easy!”

So proud of them 😊


What do you do?

I accelerate engagement, learning and achievement for neurodiverse

Primary school trained, currently working 4 days a week at a High School in Hamilton.
Happy Talk Trust & DYSCO.NZ completes my working skillset.


TEACHERS: I train teachers and TAs (fellow neurodiverse are the best and easiest to empower). Currently working on a positive approach to neurodiversity e.g. Ability, not disability. Whãnau and kura are loving it.

PARENTS: Meeting and working collaboratively with parents, whãnau and ākonga is one of my highlights. The lightbulb moments are phenomenal as I see them validate their own life and superpowers.

CAREER PATHWAYS) is my passion. In addition to being a registered teacher and because of my own neurodiverse superpowers, I am a highly qualified electro-mechanical engineer (Specialist subject mathematics). Therefore, I am quite skilled at matching neurodiverse superpowers to magnificent jobs. E.g. Currently working on one whose skillset suits being a Nuclear physicist, another a high rise crane operator and a variety of Trades, engineering, computers and teaching vocations i.e. blue, grey and white collar workers.

My dreams are my reality – Dream Job, Live with the man-of-my-dreams, looking for my dream home in Hamilton… 2 out 3 is pretty good though.


Our training has achieved a Net Promoter Score of 68 (a score of 67 is recognised as world class standard)

I accelerate engagement, learning and achievement for neurodiverse


Dyslexia suspected or diagnosed?

You need: Work Smarter, Not Harder Training
A Māori and Pākehā collaboration: Experienced facilitator/s, primary school and special needs trained, currently teaching @Te Kōpuku High in Hamilton. PLD Includes:

  • NCEA Co-requisites (Intermediate/Secondary)
  • Transitions & Avoiding melt downs (ECE & Primary)


Excited that it is someone from a play center (under 8 years-old).

May the 4th be with you… (the date of the draw)

Birthday & Business Card…

Great birthday present for me today, we ordered my new bike jacket at Revs Paeroa and gave out my first new business card…

At Revs Paeroa, whose point of difference is their MOTORBIKE GEAR FOR WOMAN, I met one of those out-of-the-box thinkers who is about to start teaching at Tokoroa High School.

We had a brief discussion around Neurodiverse and the new Corequisites for NCEA and SAC (Special Assessment Conditions)… It reminded me of my last visit there where I met Principal (the very humble Mr. William Ford) with a parent of the school and took a photo with some of their staff.

BTW, Great birthday present for me today, we ordered my new bike jacket at Revs Paeroa.

UPDATE: No uptake for my previous post, so trying this…

Please pay it forward to enter the draw and help my small business…
1. Comment with the name of your child’s school
2. Forward this post / information to your child’s school

Drawn (randomly/out of a hat) on May the 4th

** Gifting ** Win a FREE Dyslexia Assessment & Solutions for a child family/whānau member.
3 steps to enter:
* Comment child’s age, strengths (and desired career if known)
* Like our Facebook PAGE
* Share this post with your friends, family and whānau.
* Winner will be drawn on May the 4th 2023. Assessment will be done in Hamilton NZ. Check our website for what we do: www.DYSCO.NZ


Posted on Facebook 15.4.2023

April 2nd 2023 Website-Blog & Facebook

Opinion: we do not have a teacher shortage, we have a management overload.

Solution: Put Learning Support Coordinators back in to schools as Brain Coaches, working with the neurodiverse & neurolinguistics (e.g. Teachers with DYSCO’s solutions of course). Along with putting RTLBs back into schools as Wellness Coaches (e.g. Teacher Aides with neuro-semantics training).

In action: Te Kõpuku High (Hamilton) has a Brain Coach and a Wellness Coach.

Keep it simple
Back to basics

How to:

Work smarter not harder and use ‘F’ words more often…

Fun with Friends, Family & Whānau

What we do and why?

Always there to hold my hand, encourage and help me through the good times and the not so good times… including (pic) being the first in my family to graduate at university (Educational Studies Degree that got me into teaching)…
My Grandparents.
I carry you both close to my heart always in the locket that my Nanah wore every day of her life, since my grandad brought it for her when they were courting… back in the day.
My Grandad had a band (pic). He was the drummer and played with (as the backing group) some pretty famous singers during the war.
OMG… guess that made my Nanah a groupie… hahahaha!
Love them both and carry them with me everyday…. close to my heart.

My Grandparents ~ My Heroes

#grandparents #neurodiverse #myhero

Facebook & Linked In posts

NOTE: Rural Schools in Hamilton – Especially keen to connect with you as I know how hard it can be to get quality training in small and rural schools & kura

Dear Decision Maker
Are you striving to accelerate learning and achievement by working smarter, not harder?

DYSCO (pronounced disco) offers hands-on, ready to go proven pedagogy with resources to use instantly in the classroom:
• Pimp my Math – Dysco Dyscalculia in 1 day
• Read like a reader – Dysco Dyslexia in 1 day
• Write like a writer – Dysco Dysgraphia in 1 day

With rapid results, Andria is noted for her success. See Testimonials www.happytalk.nz (please be aware that Happy Talk Trust runs DYSCO Dyslexia training and solutions)

#PimpMyMath #dyscalculia

Getting ready for 2023

Business Card (Front)
Business Card (Back)

Facebook Post

NOTE: 2 out of 3 entrepreneurs and 2 out of 5 self-made millionaires have this superpower/genius gene!

As a qualified primary school teacher, I work 4 days a week at a local High School as The Brain Coach. Here I help our future parents (students) with my secrets to success by accelerating their engagement, learning and achievement. On Fridays, weekends and school holidays, I work from home (Rototuna Road), doing the Dyslexia ADHD Dysnomia (like the doctor link below) SUPERPOWERS assessments and proven solutions i.e. I give learning tools (like ‘tools of the trade’) to use at home and school. With instant and rapid results, I am noted for my success. See Testimonials www.happytalk.nz (please be aware that Happy Talk Trust runs DYSCO (pronounced disco) Dyslexia training and solutions)


If your child is like my electrician, plumber and hairdresser (to name but a few), you have a skilled professional with dyslexia superpowers.

Just like the best teachers I know, and other academic professionals such as lawyers and this doctor (link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rudiKGY1k68)

Please be aware that:

*** Research shows dyslexia aka superpowers are hereditary.

  • 50% chance of having it if one parent has it, 100% if both.
  • 25% chance if 1 grandparent has it, and I work with a lot of grandparents.

*** The SUPERPOWRS assessment & solutions to unlock ability is backed by 2021 Neuroscience (brain) research.

*** ADHD can be of the

1. brain (appears to take time to respond) or
2. body (appears to need to move all the time)

***HELP is available *** PM/DM me with a few details (age, school, strengths and struggles) and let’s book a FREE 15 minute phone call to see if we are a good fit and we can take it from there. Or email: andria@happytalk.nz if you prefer.

Youth Ambassador

As requested by youth/rangatahi, teachers/Kaiako, family and whānau, our Youth Ambassador Kata will be available at our brain training courses. Here she can answer questions and share her life-long experience of what it might look sound and feel like to be in an education system with out-of-the-box-thinking and neurodiverse superpowers such as dyspraxia and dyslexia

Accelerating Learning & Success

Kataraina joins the Happy Talk Trust Team

Kataraina Paki (17) studying at Te Kõpuku High School
Maehe DYSCO training

Kata Paki, Maehe’s daughter joins the Happy Talk Trust Team as a Youth Ambassador

Maehe starts and completes the training

Maehe July 2022

3 packages details added:

Accelerating learning & success ~ for people whose brains think differently e.g. Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia (read), Dyscalculia (maths) & other neurodiverse superpowers ~ Team of Grand/parents & teachers /TAs (3-6 teams with regular contact to the child ~ 3 days). NB: Andria is an MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator so can/may be funded and run through your ECC/Kohanga Reo or Primary School/Kura.

Visual Dyslexia Solutions ~ Screen & instant solutions ~ up to 4 family members (30 minute session).  NB: Discounted rate & funding may be available from Working Income.

Smooth Transitions & Avoiding Meltdowns ~ for adults of under 8s (group of 5-10 adults required ~ 1 day). NB. incorporates 2021 Neuroscience research.

Resources provided to keep as ongoing benefit for family/whãnau & school/kura.

In addition:

  • DYSCO (pronounced disco) can provide a full 6D “SAC” (Special Assessment Conditions) 3-page report for children transitioning to high school. (1 hour)
  • Happy Talk Trust also offers “I’ve Got Your 6” training: practical solutions to prevent suicide, self-harm and harming others for youths aged 10-24. (2 days)


Awesome korero and coaching with whānau and Kaiako with their Primary aged mokopuna, including a 5-year-old.

Out-of-this-world Whakapapa as the Neurodiverse Genius Gene is clearly prevalent here… Ka rawe Ngāruawāhia

Neurodiversity & Magnificent Minds at Te Kõpuku High School

Proud, privileged and humbled to be the Brain Coach at TKH.  Here, I see a large number of mokopuna (students) with huge intelligence and natural higher-order-thinking skills.

For these out-of-the-box thinkers , I just get to provide simple resources and strategies to empower their inherited greatness to shine through.

Work Smarter, Not Harder ~ Kia māmā te ara, Kia mārama te ara


Consultant available for private clients.


Teacher seeking a job in an education setting.


Happily Housed in Hamilton
with The Man of My Dreams.


“I believe EVERYBODY has the right to live, learn and succeed in life” Andria Studman:

Expert in Positive Holistic Outcomes (accelerated learning)

Seeks a teaching position (U8’s) in a decile 1 school (Hamilton)

Uses a Tuakana-Teina approach (sustainable innovative pedagogy)

Strengths in Literacy, Maths, Science, Neurodiversity (incl. SEN) & SPAN: SupPort A Nan to teach mokopuna with/out dyslexia from birth

Crushed by COVID!

Listen to the stories on Facebook @HappyTalkTrust


  1. Retell – the story to friends/family/whãnau
  2. Draw – characters/objects/settings
  3. Create – new event

10 – 24 Year Olds

Holistic Approach ~ whãnau specific solutions
Humbled to be the Key-note speaker here on dyscalculia – The battle to comprehend and calculate arithmetic.

Empowering Parents & Teachers to help Children to: Reduce anxiety & Conquer battles to read, write and do math

We seek a *small primary school* Prefer (but not essential):
> In Ngãruawãhia/Huntley/Hamilton area
> Decile: 1-3 school/kura with students/
> Tamariki: Miss out on ORS Funding / SEN satellite class

6D Assessment:
Dyslexia – Read (Visual, Orthographic & Phonemic)
Dysphasia – React (e.g. comprehension)
Dyscalculia – Calculate (Maths)
Dysnomia – Recall (e.g. X tables)
Dysgraphia – write (includes spelling)
Dyspraxia – Co-ordinate

* NZ National Average School size is 230
* Primary School = Year 0/1 to Year 6/8
See testimonials to hear from parents, grandparents, teachers et al

Lots of positive feedback for the Work Ready WoF, so have made the Parent & Teacher training (for under 8’s) in-line with this and included SPAN.

Parent training is also for potential parents (aged 10-24) to ensure that history does not repeat the battles that youths and rangatahi have had in their early years at school and in life.

Please note, like the ‘mobile dentist’, we are Mobile Dyslexia Solutions.

5 Years ago – WOW
(From Facebook)

So humbled to be asked to do a maths workshop for the Kura (Maori speaking schools). In awe that teaches had to be turned away because there was not even standing room left at my workshop! Even though it was “the graveyard” shift (last session of the 2 day conference). I am blessed. Sooooo living my dream.

New Car – Thanks Doug
Andria knits for a Rotorua Charity – to keep Year 1 students warm.
On the The Heat Radio with Norm Tuesday 13th July @ 12 noon
Community approach

Pink Ribbon Breakfast in Rotorua

Great korero with Erika at the pink ribbon breakfast today… “The POWER of READING REAL BOOKS” with our tamariki from birth.

Also shared how to conquer “dysphasia” (audio processing issue) essential to unlock entrepreneurial skills for dyslexics, but works for all e.g. from preschoolers (see pic) to 64-year-old Mãori man… which, as he says, “proves you can teach an old-dog new tricks!”
Great to catch up with Atutahi, Miss Rotorua today at the Pink Ribbon breakfast organised by Dress for Success.
We share a mutual “love of our Nans and grandparents”

Orthographic Dyslexia Workshop

A successful workshop, many thanks to those who attended.
Look forward to working together in the future.
Rotary sunrise committee breakfast… learning about the trials and tribulations of dyslexia … Many thanks for welcoming us along to introduce this to you all.

Answers with Andria ~ Korero with Kingi

Andria Studman ~ MoE Accredited PLD Facilitator

Kingi Biddle – International Toastmaster

Dyslexia in New Zealand – Facts

What we know…

The DYSCO Difference

Email: info@happytalk.nz
Phone: 0800 HappyT
0800 427798