6 Sequential Workshops: (1/2 day each)

Dyslexia: The Battle to READ, process and comprehend text.
Dysphasia: The battle to comprehend and REACT or reply/speak appropriately.

1. Mamamia & 2. DYSCO BACE

Training covers:
* How to screen for and immediately solve the 3 main types of dyslexia: Visual, Orthographic & Phonemic (2x ½ days)
* Pedagogy to improve students Social Emotional & Academic Learning

Benefits for teachers
* Improved confidence and capability
* 1 set of screening tools, solutions and resources to keep

Benefits for students:
* Reduced anxiety (Behaviour) & Raised self-esteem (Attitude)
* Improved classroom learning (Concentration & Engagement)

Mamamia: Includes 1 set of resources (screening tools & solutions) + Solutions to visual dyslexia (12) to be purchased as required (ave cost $3 /child)
BACE: Includes 1 set of Resources: DYSCO Bag with 1 3 5 & 10 minute large Sand timers, 12 mini-DYSCO stacking cups, DYSCO Bag with: 12 DYSCO Stacking cups + mat  Mini-Basketball: ball, hoop, pump, over the door guide + reward cards (English / Mãori)

3. Rumble & 4. Haka (Taiaha)

Dyscalculia: The battle to comprehend and CALCULATE arithmetic.
Dysnomia: The battle to remember and RECALL words to speak

5. Dance & 6. DYSCO Rocks!

Dysgraphia: The battle to align thoughts and muscle movements to WRITE, type and spell. – Dyspraxia: The battle to plan and CO-ORDINATE movement with thinking

Terms & Conditions of DYSCO Training (outline)
• Individuals sign re: intellectual property disclaimer (first session)
• Resources used in the sessions are the individuals to keep as ongoing benefit
• 6D Screen & Solve DYSCO Certificates