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Happy Talk Trust is a registered charitable trust (CC57004).


SPAN – be part of growing sustainable communities.  

$6,000 will SupPort A Nan or koro (grandfather) to teach their grand-children, great nephews and nieces and break the barriers to reading writing and doing maths.

Corporate Sponsorship:
SPAN ~ $6,000


Supported by the grandparents, youths/rangatahi will be empowered to deal with the “fight, flight, freeze” reactions, conquer battles with reading, writing and arithmetic and be able to focus in class, sit exams, keep jobs, i.e. Live a normal productive life, and raise empowered children of their own.

I’ve got your 6:
Gifting $2,000


$10 Provides the resource needed to remove barriers to reading for visual dyslexics.  * 600 donators could help 600 kids read or * 600 donations could sponsor 1 nan and support a whole whãnau. We plan to reach rural locations when we visit Early Childhood Centres, Kohanga Reo, Schools & Kura in our purpose built bus.

600 Club: Gifting $10

Within New Zealand, you can easily donate or set up a regular AP into the Happy Talk Trust account: 38-9022-0024039-00.  For those wishing to pay via credit card or for those living overseas, you can easily donate or set up a recurring payment below!

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