DYSCO BACE workshops: 1 (1 hour)

1. Services and Outcomes: The services to be provided to you (“Attendee”) in the sessions include the following:

a) Reduce anxiety, raise self-esteem & improve learning: Behaviour, Attitude, Concentration & Engagement.

b) Improve academic skills: reading (dyslexia) and calculating (dyscalculia).

c) Experience what dyslexia and dyscalculia might look sound and feel like.

d) Learn DYSCO’s screening techniques and simple solutions to overcome dyslexia and dyscalculia.

e) Kit 1 used in the workshop is included in the cost are yours to keep.

2. Payment and Attendance: If confirmation of payment has not been received, or if there is any dispute as to whether payment has been made then DYSCO reserves the right to withdraw their services, withhold the taking of kit 1 and/or prevent you from participating in this workshop, or any subsequent workshops. These costs are for the initial workshop only. Any subsequent workshops will incur a further cost, to be advised by DYSCO.

Cost per person – as agreed

Bank details: Andria Studman, ASB Rotorua,
Reference: Your name

The Attendee agrees that where they do not attend the workshop they are not entitled to any refund or recovery of any payment to DYSCO. Where the Attendee provides at least 24 hours’ notice that they do not intend to come then DYSCO may agree to provide a refund, but reserves the right to retain any monies paid by the attendee.

3. No Warranty: It is acknowledged and agreed by the Attendee that DYSCO does not guarantee any specific outcomes as a result of the specialist teaching. The Attendee also agrees to waive any right to make any demand or claims for refunds, costs or damages against DYSCO in relation to the outcomes, learnings, attendance or non-attendance of this workshop and any other subsequent workshop conducted by them. 

4. Entire Agreement: This Terms of Engagement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties and no earlier representation, warranty or agreement in relation to any matter dealt with in this Terms of Engagement has any force or effect from the date of this Terms of Engagement. This Terms of Engagement shall apply to this first workshop and any subsequent workshop attended by the Attendee unless otherwise stated by DYSCO.

5. Confidentiality: The Attendee undertakes to keep in confidence all information disclosed by DYSCO at the workshop. This information includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • DYSCO’s know-how, teaching methods, trade secrets and all intellectual property, including copyright material, (for example, cue-cards);
  • The knowledge of the use of DYCO’s tools; and
  • Any other information specified by DYSCO.
    (“Confidential Information”)

For the avoidance of doubt, the Attendee shall be deemed to have breached this Terms of Engagement in situations including, but not limited to the following:

  • Where an Attendee uses or discloses the Confidential Information for the purposes of training or educating third parties whether or not the Attendee receives monetary consideration for that use. This includes training at schools, community halls, private training and any other method of training or educating or otherwise specified by DYSCO; and 
  • Where an Attendee uses or discloses the Confidential Information including distribution on the internet, social media, newsletters, emails, or through any other medium or form of media.

The Attendee acknowledges that in the case of a breach of confidentiality as outlined by this Terms of Engagement:

  • The breach may result in a loss to DYSCO that may not be adequately compensated by payment of damages; and
  • DYSCO is entitled to equitable relief, including enforcing its rights in a court or tribunal for damages and/or injunctive relief.

CONSENT OF PARENT OR GUARDIAN (if you are under 18)

I have read the foregoing Terms of Engagement and I am signing on behalf of and agree to be liable for any breach of this Terms of Engagement.